Research Symposium Judging & Awards


To be eligible to judge:

  • You must have a terminal degree or serve as a faculty member.
  • You must have a background in research methodology.
  • You must be available on the day of the research symposium to judge the posters, and attend the training session. Training session dates are to be determined.

To be eligible for an award:

  • You must be a COM or COB student at KCU.
  • You must be present at your poster during the designated time when the judging occurs and ready to describe your poster and research. Otherwise, your poster will not be eligible for an award.


All presentations will be scored by volunteer faculty judges on the day of the event.


The scoring sheet will be handed out to each judge for each poster. Completed forms need to handed to Dr. Margaret Kincaid who will enter and tally the scores.


Traditionally, the KCU Research Symposium Committee awards up to four presentations during the event.

Betty Jo White, DO, FACOS, Prize for Research

The Betty Jo White, DO, FACOS, Prize for Research was established to encourage research activity at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. Projects receiving the prize will significantly advance the osteopathic medical profession and the University’s position in the research community.

The purpose of the Prize for Research is to provide funding for eligible students, residents and faculty of KCU to pursue research projects and the teaching there of, to advance osteopathic surgical research, including but not limited to, post-op surgical studies, tissue healing, cranial/sacral therapy, spinal fluid and spinal cord injuries, burns, stem cell research, cloning, bone grafting, myofascial release, lymph flow studies and nutrition.

A committee will determine the recipient of the annual Betty Jo White, DO, FACOS, Prize for Research. Funds from the Prize may be applied toward the research project, publication and printing of results, travel for presentation of research project, or equipment needs. Funds may not be applied toward personnel expenses.

A report of progress, use of funds, findings, etc. must be submitted to the committee and ultimately, the donor, at the end of the calendar year in which the prize was awarded.

At the discretion of the committee, the prize may be awarded to the same project in consecutive years, not to exceed three consecutive years.

Guidelines: Please read the Prize for Research guidelines before applying.

To apply: Please send your application to